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The following information on Harbinger™ and LEED certification should be used for all LEED related projects which you are bidding or for your end user seeking LEED certification after installation is completed.

LEED is the cutting-edge system for certifying the world’s greenest buildings. Harbinger™ brand products can contribute to certification credits for these LEED programs: NC (new construction) and CI (commercial interiors).  


All Harbinger products meet the following qualifications: 
MR 4.2 NC/CI Recycled Content: 60% (post-consumer + 1/2 pre-consumer)
EQ 4.1 NC/CI Low-Emitting Materials: adhesives and sealants

Harbinger™ products have been independently tested and certified and comply with the volatile organic compound emissions criteria of the State of California Section 01350, therefore qualifying our flooring products for installation in schools and office buildings within the state of California. 

Harbinger™ also certifies our adhesive S600 is compliant with rule 1168 of the State of California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) limits.  These limits are mandatory requirements set by the U.S. Green Building Council LEED programs Indoor Environmental Quality category.  In addition to complying with the VOC limits, Harbinger™S600 adhesive has provided an additional line of defense by inhibiting the growth of various types of mold, mildew and bacteria within its adhesive. 

Harbinger™ has had a long standing commitment to recycling and reuse of 100% of our pre-consumer waste with compliance to LEED for the Materials and Resources Category of Points.  This pre-consumer waste is recycled in our manufacturing process and can comprise 50 to 80% of the total weight of the product. In addition, Harbinger™ S600 adhesive utilizes approximately 8 to 10% by weight of post-consumer recycled materials within the production and manufacturing process. 

Harbinger™ Floors manufacturing facilities have historically streamlined their operational necessities to minimize wastage of materials in order to truly maximize our ability to recycle and reuse our pre-consumer waste materials and incorporate post-consumer waste materials.  Additionally, 100% of the raw materials utilized in the production of our product are regionally sourced within 200 kilometers of our manufacturing facilities.


At the end of the day we are committed to developing products that will provide the best indoor air quality, aesthetics and performance for years to come.


Harbinger is made with 100% virgin PVC to guarantee a consistent product free of heavy metal, phthalate and phenol.







*Heavy metal test results of recycled PVC flooring will vary. Depending on what was recycled that day, the results can be high or low. 

** ASTM F963 Heavy Metal Analysis detection limit is 0.1ppm. 0.1ppm is the lowest concentration of a compound that can be measured reliably by the analytical method.

*** Result > 40 ppm would be of concern


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